CIO - Job Descriptions

Business Analyst

Job description for the Business Analyst role.

Data Steward

Data stewards are designated employees with a mandate and accountability for improving the data quality and integrity in their particular business area or data silo. They...

Business Capabilities Architect

Job description for the Business Capabilities Architect role.

Chief Risk Officer

The role of the Chief Risk Officer is to directly assess and holistically manage all aspects of risk brought to bear on the enterprise by IT security and...

Cloud Security Specialist

Job description for the Cloud Security Specialist role.

Emerging Technology Analyst

Job description for the Emerging Technology Analyst role.

PMO Coordinator

Use this template to hire a PMO coordinator for your organization.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist's role is to harness vast amounts of data to optimize business results. He/she will exercise their knowledge of descriptive and multivariate...

Information Flow Architect

Job description for the Information Flow Architect role.

Service Integration Architect

Job description for the Service Integration Architect role.
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