Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should optimize lead generation with lead scoring, review SoftwareReview Advisory’s methodology, and understand the...

Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring – Phases 1-3

Lead scoring increases marketing ROI and sales productivity. This blueprint enables marketers to build their own scoring methodology and deliver better qualified leads to...

Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring – Phase 1: Drive an Aligned Vision for Lead Scoring

Lead scoring success starts with deep buyer knowledge. This phase aids marketers in identifying the key asset types that, when included within your lead generation...

Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring – Phase 2: Build and Test Your Lead Scoring Model

Scoring leads against your ideal customer profile and prospect engagement is an iterative process. This phase gives marketers a toolkit to build and test your lead...

Lead Scoring Workbook

This tool accompanies the Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring storyboard and is used to build and test your lead scoring methodology.

Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring – Phase 3: Apply Your Model to Marketing Apps and Go Live With Better Qualified Leads

Applying lead scoring within your lead management software optimizes your lead generation engine. This phase calls for marketers to apply their model and begin delivering...

Seven Things You Need to Build a Digital Software Factory That Works

The concept of building a software factory has increased in popularity with the drive to build digital platforms, products, and services. It is also a major...

Webinar: Automate Testing to Get More Done

Automated testing is a requirement in modern testing practices. However, its success requires more than just a tool. Automation needs cross-functional representation and...

DevOps Readiness Survey

Use this survey to understand your organizations culture and its readiness for adopting DevOps principles

DevOps Pipeline Maturity Assessment

Use this survey to evaluate the maturity of DevOps practices currently employed.
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