There Are So Many RPA Vendors Around; Who Do We Choose?

A study published in Harvard Business Review stated that when confronted with many choices, people end up buying nothing. The cognitive overload makes it hard for them to...

Agile Skills Assessment Communication and Roadmap Plan

Use this template to help document your communication and roadmap plan for your Agile skills assessment.

Strengthen the SSDLC for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Mobile exposes your enterprise systems to new vectors that attackers can exploit, whether that be on the device, over the air, or through back-end systems. Understand...
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Sage Business Cloud Is Not Just One Product; It Is Multiple Products in One

Sage Business Cloud is not just one product. That was the message we received during an Info-Tech software vendor briefing with Sage. If you browse the Sage website it...

Crosscode Heralds a New Breed of DevOps Tooling

Crosscode is an application analysis and dependency-mapping tool. This kind of tool will become increasingly prevalent as an important component of DevOps toolchains.

Agile Skills Assessment Communication and Roadmap Plan Example

Use this example to understand how to document your communication and roadmap plan for your Agile skills assessment.

Get the Most Out of Your HRMS – Executive Brief

In today’s connected world continuous optimization of HRMS, HRIS, and HCM is key to enabling your digital strategy. Human resource management systems enable and support...

Streamline Application Management

Application management is the foundation for creating an exceptional customer experience by emphasizing cross-functional accountability for business value and product and...
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SDLC Metrics – Be Careful What You Ask for, Because You’ll Probably Get It

Establishing and monitoring SDLC metrics can drive behavior change. But metrics are prone to creating unexpected outcomes and must be used with care. Use metrics...

BizDevOps Starts With Great Requirements

Tools alone don’t make great requirements. Requirements are a team sport and the team must collectively own and commit to delivering them for BizDevOps to be successful.
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