Applications - Templates & Policies

Test Case Template

This template of the blueprint Build a Strong Foundation for Quality will help you define your test cases.

Create Personas to Drive Omnichannel Requirements Template

Use this persona template to identify key customer personas for e-commerce and other channels.

Augmented Reality Stakeholder Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to help IT make the case for an augmented reality initiative.

Robotic Process Automation Communication Template

Communicate robotic process automation and its potential impact on your organization to your stakeholders using this presentation template.

Application Maintenance Operating Model Template

This template will serve as your standardized process document of your application maintenance practice.

Application Maintenance Business Case Presentation Document

This template will structure your business case to stakeholders for your application maintenance optimization initiatives.

Blockchain Presentation Template

Use this template to present your findings on blockchain to stakeholders.

MMS Request for Proposal Template

Request for proposals provide organizations with the opportunity to give vendors a detailed account of the requirements and the expected capabilities of their desired...

MMS Vendor Demo Script

Use this template to support your business' evaluation of vendors and their solutions. Provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to display not only their...

MMS Selection Executive Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to communicate the MMS vendor selection process and decision to internal stakeholders.
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