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SIS Request for Proposal Template

Leverage this request for proposal template to prepare the document that will be sent to vendors for their review and response.

SIS Readiness Assessment Checklist

Selecting the right SIS is a complex task with a multitude of functions and stakeholders. IT leaders must conduct a readiness assessment to evaluate the enterprise's...

SIS Selection Project Charter Template

This template helps define and document the project and lays the foundation for all subsequent project planning; it serves as a form or agreement on the project and can...

SIS Vendor Demonstration Script

Use this template to support your evaluation of SIS vendors and their solutions. Once complete, this template will provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to...

SIS Vendor Response Template

Use this template to standardize the way the vendors respond to your request for proposal and to gather additional information from the vendors including corporate...

Governance Model Charter Template

The purpose of this template is to assist in the creation of your enterprise software project governance charter. Identify and define the project governance committee...

Governance Dashboard Template

This is an example of what a project dashboard for the steering committee could look like. It provides the key data points the committee is interested in.

Business Process Management Procurement Project Charter Template

Selecting a BPM tool is a multi-departmental undertaking that must be managed well to be successful. Document the process in a formal project charter to keep everyone on...

Business Process Management Request for Proposal Template

Request for proposals provide organizations with the opportunity to give vendors a detailed account of the requirements and the expected capabilities of their desired...

BPM Selection Stakeholder Presentation Template

Leverage this presentation template to help IT make the case for their approach to selecting a BPM tool.
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