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LMS Strategy Learner Profile Template

Use this template to consolidate information about the learner that will inform your LMS strategy.

LMS Strategy Process Owner Assignment Guide

Use this template to help you choose the right process owners for developing an LMS Strategy.

LMS Strategy Communication Planning Template

Use this template to build an effective communication plan to help manage the change and implementation for your LMS strategy.

LMS Strategy Stakeholder Presentation Template

Decide what needs to be presented and to whom. The purpose and format for communicating initiatives varies based on the audience. Identify the audience first to ensure...

WEM Project Charter Template

A project charter serves several important functions. It organizes the selection and procurement project so that you can make efficient and effective resource allocation...

WEM Vendor Demo Script Template

Use this template to support your business's evaluation of vendors and their solutions. Provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to display not only their...

WEM RFP Template

Request for Proposals provide organizations with the opportunity to give vendors a detailed account of the requirements and the expected capabilities of their desired...

WEM Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use this template to support your outlining of the steps required to successfully implement a WEM suite into your IT landscape and business environment.

Lean Implementation Roadmap Template

Use the Lean Implementation Roadmap Template to ensure your team and stakeholders understand how and why you are becoming leaner.

Purchasing Policy

The purchasing policy outlines the standards and procedures associated with company purchases of IT computer-related components and technical services.
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