Applications - Templates & Policies

Gates 3 and 3A Checklists

Create your Gates 3 and 3A checklists.


Create your Agilometer tool.

Agile Project Status Report

Create your Agile project status report template.

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Presentation Template

This presentation template is designed to capture the results from the exercises within the storyboard and allow users to build a presentation to leadership on how the...

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Example Template

This presentation shows a completed example of the Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Template.

Brand Diagnostic Tool Survey and Interview Questionnaires and Lists Template

The surveys and interviews represent the most critical step to understanding how your brand is being perceived by internal stakeholders, by your customers, and in your...

Brand Diagnostic Tool - Financial Metrics Analysis Template

Customer Retention Rate (CRR), Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Lifetime Value (CLV), revenue, profit margin, market share and Intangible Assets Market Value (IAMV) will allow...

Brand Diagnostic Tool - Digital Metrics Analysis Template

Digital metrics analysis will provide insights into how buyers and potential buyers interact and engage with your brand digitally. It's also used to evaluate the brand's...

Brand Diagnostic Tool - External and Internal Factors Metrics Analysis Template

The external and internal factor analysis will allow you to detect and understand broad changes, disruptors and mid- to long-term trends in your specific field that are...

Brand Diagnostic - Executive Presentation Template

Pre-built presentation template to educate, engage and unify key stakeholders on the importance of a strong brand, and to assess and improve brand performance. This is...
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