Applications - Storyboard

Build a Product Roadmap – Phases 1-2

This storyboard will help you understand how your product's characteristics and organizational constraints influence the approach you should apply to build a roadmap that...

Select a Business Process Management Tool – Phase 2: Map Processes and Gather Requirements

This phase of the blueprint enables you to determine which of your processes are ready for automation and then how embark on the requirements gathering process.

Select and Implement a Human Resource Information System – Phases 1-3

Follow a structured, accelerated approach to launch your HRIS procurement project, filling in knowledge gaps to prepare your organization to make an informed decision.

Implement DevOps Practices That Work – Phase 2: Brainstorm Your Desired DevOps Capabilities

This phase of the blueprint, Implement DevOps Practices That Work, will help you define your DevOps capabilities.

Select a Marketing Management Suite – Phase 1: Launch the MMS Project and Collect Requirements

This phase of the blueprint helps you determine if MMS is right for your organization. Identify the "art of the possible" with MMS technology to see what both the IT...

Develop a Web Experience Management Strategy Phase 3: Execute Initiatives for WEM Deployment

For your business to have a successful deployment it is important to use all the initiatives planned out in the previous phases.

Select and Implement a Customer Service Management Solution – Phase 1: Launch the Project

To successfully leverage CSM technology, proper project planning and stakeholder engagement must occur at the beginning of the project. Follow the guidance of this phase...

Drive Customer Convenience by Enabling Text-Based Customer Support – Phases 1-3

Your customers love mobile messaging services; leapfrog your competitors by having a strategy to provide first-rate service to them in this explosively popular channel.

Prepare Your Application for PaaS – Phases 1-2

This storyboard will help you understand the importance of a design-driven approach to migrating your application to the cloud to capitalize on PaaS opportunities.

Storyboard: Enter Into Mobile Development Without Confusion and Frustration

Mobile applications are changing traditional assumptions about app development, increasing the need for management awareness and augmenting existing app lifecycles....
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