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Storyboard: Build IT Capabilities to Enable Digital Marketing Success

This blueprint is designed to help IT and marketing achieve absolute consensus on the prioritization of digital channels and to create a roadmap for IT to build all...

Implement DevOps Practices That Work – Phases 1-4

This blueprint enables you to build a "continuous anything" delivery mechanism through conceptualization of a robust release management framework.

Build a Software Quality Assurance Program – Phases 1-4

Your QA practice defines an actionable series of steps to validate and verify your products. This practice instills confidence that you have your stakeholders' needs in...

Select a Marketing Management Suite – Phase 1: Launch the MMS Project and Collect Requirements

This phase of the blueprint helps you determine if MMS is right for your organization. Identify the "art of the possible" with MMS technology to see what both the IT...

Select a Marketing Management Suite – Phase 2: Shortlist Marketing Management Suites

In this phase of the blueprint, understand the MMS marketplace with our MMS featurelist and vendor profiles.

Select a Marketing Management Suite – Phase 3: Select Vendor and Communicate Decision to Stakeholders

In this phase of the blueprint, carry out the RFP and vendor demonstration process. Decide on an MMS and present the solution to stakeholders.

Customer Service Management Software Selection Guide Storyboard

The pandemic and growing younger demographic have shifted the terrain of customer service delivery. Customer service management tools ensure organizations enhance...

Develop a Web Experience Management Strategy – Phases 1-3

Your web presence is your organization’s face to the world: support it with best-in-class tools and technologies for Web Experience Management.

Develop a Web Experience Management Strategy Phase 1: Harness the Value of Web Experience Management

Understand the benefits of a dedicated Web Experience Management Suite and kick start your WEM strategy with a project charter.

Develop a Web Experience Management Strategy Phase 2: Create the Vision for Web Experience Management

For your business to leverage WEM technology, proper project planning and stakeholder engagement must occur at the beginning of the project. An evaluation of the current...
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