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Application Portfolio Management Foundations

This blueprint will help you streamline and rationalize Application Portfolio Management by following our four-phase methodology: Lay Your Foundations, Improve Your...
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Select an ERP Implementation Partner

Enterprise applications implementations are complex, and their success is critical to business operations. Selecting the right software implementation partner is as...
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Enhance Your Solution Architecture Practices

Because of the increasing realization that principles like Agile and DevOps are important for overall business health, organizations have started to talk about these...
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Deliver Digital Products at Scale

The need for business agility is growing, but many organizations still focus on product delivery at a tactical level. How well are individual product teams' changes...
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Implement DevOps Practices That Work

DevOps is a philosophy that emphasizes a strong relationship between development and operations by incorporating each other’s priorities in their own practices and...
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Optimize Lead Generation With Lead Scoring

With marketer rush to generate revenues, just 32% of companies pass well-qualified leads over to their outbound sellers. The culprit is often a lack of a lead scoring...
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Get the Most Out of Your HRMS

In today’s connected world continuous optimization of HRMS, HRIS, and HCM is key to enabling your digital strategy. Human resource management systems (HRMS) enable and...
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Mentoring for Agile Teams

Most command and control–style organizations struggle with adopting Agile because it requires a different way of working. To be successful, you’ll need Agile Mentoring to...
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Get the Most Out of Your CRM

A CRM system is a critical component to deliver services to customers. It is essential to the organization; therefore, the usage of the CRM needs to be maximized. In...
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Build an Application Department Strategy

Your application department strategy isn’t just about what you should do next. It is a balance of identity, priority, and goals.
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