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Evolve Your Software Development Lifecycle Into a Solution Delivery Lifecycle

A solution delivery lifecycle encompasses the people, processes, and tools needed to deliver value to the end consumers of the solution. Expand your approach to drive...
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Get Started With AI in Requirements Management

The business analyst role is changing, and AI will accelerate that change. The function has been asked to do more with less. More work in less time means missed...
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Optimize the Right Metrics to Scale Your Business

Tech startup CEOs should use metrics to guide decisions on operational improvements. However, many CEO entrepreneurs who come from other disciplines may not have settled...
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Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

With a greater SOV, opportunity is turned into sales wins and a company can capture a great market share. Excess SOV (eSOV) for small companies is especially important as...
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Build Competitive Intelligence to Improve Sales Win Rates

Improve sales with CI research for battle cards. Analyze competitors, gather data efficiently, and track emerging market trends. Increase competitiveness, accelerate...
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Create Assets to Accelerate the Buyer Journey

This blueprint teaches marketers to identify and interview their valuable buyers and then collect the right data to optimize cadence and nurture sequences. Building the...
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Adopt Generative AI in Solution Delivery

With delivery teams under continual pressure to deliver faster, higher-quality products, the promise of Generative AI (GenAI) is too tempting to pass up, but it can be...

Develop Your Agile Approach for a Successful Transformation

Agile transformations can be difficult and complex to implement. That’s because they require fundamental changes in the way an organization thinks and behaves (and many...
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Decide if You Are Ready for SAFe

SAFe is a highly disruptive enterprise transformation that won’t solve your organizational delivery challenges by itself. Start with an open mind and an understanding of...
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Brand Strategy: Establish and Cultivate a Flourishing Brand

Brand strategy is like a sports game plan. It’s the playbook that guides the team to victory, the foundation upon which businesses build their brand, and the roadmap to...
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