Enterprise Applications - Templates & Policies

Brand Diagnostic - Executive Presentation Template

Pre-built presentation template to educate, engage and unify key stakeholders on the importance of a strong brand, and to assess and improve brand performance. This is...

CRM Business Case Template

Document the key drivers for selecting a new CRM platform.

Project Charter

This template is designed to help you build a project charter in a timely manner.

Optimize Software Pricing in a Volatile Competitive Market Presentation Template

This presentation template is intended as a guide to communicating the pricing strategy team's results for a product or product line.

Frontline Manager Change FAQ Template

Use this template to help frontline managers address common questions and concerns around change.

Change Reactions and Responses Tactics Catalog

Use this tool to enable frontline managers to identify change reactions, uncover underlying causes, and use appropriate tactics to manage reactions.

Sustainment Owner Planning Template

Provide the owners of sustainment plan implementation with this template to drive accountability for sustainment implementation.

Participant Training Session Evaluation

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical for helping determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement. This...

HR Process Mapping Template

Optimizing your HR department will mean streamlining and making improvements to existing processes. Use this template to help you map out your new and improved process...

Employee Experience Project Planning Template

Use this template to document employer and employee needs from the employee lifecycle.
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