Enterprise Applications - Solution Sets

Optimize Software Pricing in a Volatile Competitive Market

Product managers without well-documented and repeatable pricing-management processes often experience pressure from “agile” management to make gut-feel pricing decisions,...
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Social Media

The Social Media workshop provides clear, measurable improvements to your social media strategy,

Develop the Right Message to Engage Buyers

Marketers only have 7 seconds to capture a visitor's attention but often don't realize that the space between competitors and their company is that narrow. They often...

Diagnose and Optimize Your Lead Gen Engine

Quickly diagnose what’s not working within your lead gen engine so that you can remedy the issues uncovered and get back on track, building new customer relationships and...

Get Started With Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy builds relationships with customers, nurtures brand advocacy, gives marketing credibility, and differentiates you from the competition; it’s critical to...

Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth

Provides guidance and tools to perform a brand diagnostic, measure performance, highlight areas for improvement, and make data-driven recommendation and decisions to fix...
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Build a More Effective Go-to-Market Strategy

A successful Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy aligns Marketing, Product Sales, and Customer Success, enables product launch decision making based on deep buyer understanding,...
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Enable Omnichannel Commerce That Delights Your Customers

Customers expect to transact with you in the channels of their choice: create a cohesive omnichannel framework that supports the right transactions through the right...
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Create a Buyer Persona and Journey

Software companies without deep buyer understanding will miss the mark in product-market fit, lead gen engine effectiveness, sales-buyer relationship building, and...
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Build an ERP Strategy and Roadmap

Organizations often do not have an ERP strategy and roadmap in place. The focus is often on selection and implementation phases of ERP, but without a foundation and...
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