As a professional services firm, how do I manage my development environment from an organizational and methodological perspective?

Learn how to manage application development to focus on consistency and following standard tools, environments, and techniques.

Maximize the Benefits from Enterprise Applications with a Center of Excellence

Organizations make large investments towards enterprise applications to enable and support business growth but are not fully leveraging their investment. They face...
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Center of Excellence Exceptions Report

Use this tool to track issues, identify resolution paths, and turn these experiencies into best practices that will mitigate facing the same issues in the future.

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 3: Plan Your Modernization

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you build a practical and achievable modernization roadmap.

Enterprise Application Center of Excellence Stakeholder Presentation Template

Decide what needs to be presented and to whom. The purpose and format for communicating initiatives may vary based on the audience. Identify the audience first to ensure...

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you build a strategy for the moment a vendor requests an audit, and provides best methods to create a centralized response. Know what can be...

Effective Licensing Position Tool

This template will help you create an effective licensing position and determine your compliance position.

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phase 3: Conduct an Audit

This phase of the blueprint, Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit, will help you kick off, and understand the audit process that will be conducted.

Be Wary of Unwanted Windows 10 Updates

Many users are reporting unwanted updates to Windows 10 as Microsoft continues to drive adoption toward its newest OS platform.

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 2: Identify Your Modernization Opportunities

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you identify the value streams and business capabilities that will gain the most from application...
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