Roadmunk Embraces Visual Detail in Roadmaps

Roadmunk sub-items add a new level of visual detail to roadmaps.

NFRs – The Overlooked, Critical Requirements Type

When teams are refining their product backlog, the focus is usually around new features (functional requirements) and sometimes technical debt. Yet when it comes to user...

Use Your Corporate Blog to Provide Value, Not Self-Promotion

Your blog is more than a place to advertise new features, it’s an opportunity to provide real value to your target audience. Value builds trust, and trust leads to sales.

Infor Forms Strategic Partnership With Signavio

Infor doubles down on better implementations with Signavio’s process mining and intelligence technology. The partnership will leverage the Signavio web-based business...

2020 Applications Priorities Report

Use Info-Tech's 2020 Applications Priorities Report to learn about the five initiatives that IT should prioritize for the year: adopt a platform for ERP, standardize...

Accelerated Software Selection – Concierge Experience

Software selection is hard – and a misfire can be a career-killer. As a senior IT leader, you cannot afford to roll the dice, but you also cannot afford to get caught in...

Blueprint Software Bridges the Gap in Compliance Requirements

Blueprint Software integrates financial services regulatory requirements into its core platform for easier traceability.

Blue Prism Releases Learning Edition and Online Learning Platform

The lack of robotic process automation (RPA) skills is often cited as a major challenge to RPA adoption. Blue Prism recently joined its competitors by making its RPA...

Governance Dashboard Template

This is an example of what a project dashboard for the steering committee could look like. It provides the key data points the committee is interested in.

Enterprise Software Implementation Checklist Tool

This tool helps the executive steering committee to make an informed decisions as to whether the project is ready to transition to an operational status.
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