Business Case Workbook

The Business Case Workbook serves as the holding document for the different elements in the business case. Use each assigned tab to input the relevant information for the...

Reduce Time to Consensus With an Accelerated Business Case – Phase 2: Conduct the Business Case Analysis

This phase of the blueprint, Reduce Time to Consensus With an Accelerated Business Case, will walk you through the assessment of the initiative in question.

Summary Business Case Presentation Template

Use this template for a short-form presentation of the business case that focuses on the key analysis.

Business Case Close-Out Form

Use the template to go through a checklist of activities that should happen and the accompanying sign-offs.

Controlled Vendor Communications Letter

Establish a single point of contact and create a communication vacuum to help leverage your negotiation position.

Vendor Communication Management Plan

Most SaaS purchases involve a broad range of stakeholders -- create and implement a plan to ensure effective communication throughout the negotiation process.

Negotiate SaaS Agreements That Are Built to Last – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand that contract review needs to look at the contract holistically, instead of just focusing on price.

Negotiate SaaS Agreements That Are Built to Last – Phase 1: Gather Requirements

This phase of the blueprint, Negotiate SaaS Agreements that are Built to Last, will help you gather requirements.

Software Business Use Case Template

Document both functional and non-functional requirements before starting any software purchase. Make sure you know what the business needs and why.

Create a Winning BPI Playbook – Phases 1-5

This blueprint will help you apply business process improvement and assess an end-to-end process to determine improvement opportunities. Additionally, this blueprint will...
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