GitHub Free for Teams Helps Level the Playing Field

Almost a decade has passed since Marc Andreessen’s article “Why Software Is Eating The World” passionately defended the rise of software and its potential to disrupt...

OpsHub Brings Integration to the Masses

OpsHub, a provider of integration and migration solutions for ALM and DevOps tools, has offered a free edition of tits integration solution OpsHub Integration Manager.

Developing Resource Skills to Support Your Product

Product ownership is far more than backlogs and delivery. Are you ensuring that the teams supporting your product are enhancing their skills and experience to support...

Create Better Products by Doing Less

Building the best product isn’t about filling our backlogs and roadmaps, it’s about taking the time to determine those few items that will deliver the most value.

It’s Not About Projects vs. Products; It’s About Coming Together to Deliver Value

Product management should not replace project management. They are complementary and are both integral to enabling the frequent delivery of business value.

Yes! You Can Be Successful at Being Agile Remotely

Being Agile requires a change in focus on the skills that we value. While face-to-face contact is generally preferred, it is not always possible. This does not mean that...

“Doing Agile” Is Only Part of the Software Delivery Pie

“Being Agile” enables the delivery of the right value at the right time. When most people talk about delivering the right value at the right time, they think about the...

BizDevOps Starts With Great Requirements

Tools alone don’t make great requirements. Requirements are a team sport and the team must collectively own and commit to delivering them for BizDevOps to be successful.

Providing Customer Value Beyond Software

Companies that support customers through tough times build stronger relationships and loyalty. Develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities and threats facing your...

Agile Skills Don’t Revolve Around Ceremonies and Procedures: They’re About Traits and Values.

Agile skills require an evolution in people’s soft skills and behaviors. Handling ambiguity, being agreeable, and being extroverted are some of what’s important for an...
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