Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data

In response to criticism over data collection practices, Google is introducing default deletion of location history in its web and application activities for new accounts.

GitHub Is Now Free for Teams

GitHub has announced that, effective April 14, 2020, all of its core features will be free for everyone. This will include private development within organizations that...

Ease Into Mobile Development With the Ionic Framework

The Ionic Framework is an open-source SDK that builds on popular standardized web technologies. Developers can use this toolkit to build hybrid mobile applications across...

Enhance Your Mobile Presence With Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

Mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) vendors give organizations the opportunity to enter the mobile space by providing the capabilities to develop native-like...

Software Acquisition and Usage Policy

Use Info-Tech's sample policy to launch software acquisition management efforts to the top of your priority list.

Software Development Policy

The software development policy outlines the standard for corporate software development and code management.

Change Control – Freezes & Risk Evaluation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that IT staff recognize that changes to computer systems tend to destabilize those systems.

Strengthen the SSDLC for Enterprise Mobile Applications – Phase 2: Implement and Test Secure Mobile Techniques

Mobile apps should aim to satisfy the security requirements set by out by the business. Incorporate secure development techniques into your current development practices...

Strengthen the SSDLC for Enterprise Mobile Applications – Phase 3: Monitor and Support Secure Mobile Applications

There is no end to improving the security of your mobile applications. Continually measure and monitor your mobile applications for future optimization initiatives.

Mobile Optimization Roadmap

Use the Mobile Optimization Roadmap in conjunction with the blueprint, Strengthen the SSDLC for Enterprise Mobile Applications, to describe the scope and process for...
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