Product Owners Are Only as Successful as Their Ability to Communicate

No matter how good your product roadmap and backlog are, they are only as good as your audience’s ability to understand your vision and priority.

Understanding Scrum: Why Do Product Owners Have Three Ears?

Agile systems delivery (implemented through Scrum) is quickly becoming an accepted norm in IT. But using Scrum successfully in an organization requires a deep...

Product Owner Capacity Planning Gets a Boost From Aha!

Aha! introduces scenario planning to give product owners the ability to create and compare multiple release approaches based on team capacity and backlog priority.

COVID-19 Raises Prospects for Robotic Process Automation

Reeling from the pandemic response executed by governments all the over world, companies are accelerating their implementation of low-cost automation. That bodes well for...

SLOs in Site Reliability Engineering

Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, tells Jane Foster, the woman he’s trying to impress, that on his home world of Asgard, the realm eternal, science and magic are two sides...

Site Reliability Engineering: What Is It? Why Is It Important for Online Businesses?

Hell hath no fury like a customer not being able to access an online service when they want to. They expect the online services to always be on, always be accessible, and...

Build a Visual Product Roadmap to Increase Agreement and Alignment

If an image is worth a thousand words, a visual roadmap will save you a thousand hours.

Release Management Maturity Assessment

This tool can be used to identify gaps in your release and deployment management process to guide improvements and measure success.

The Many Flavors of Application Rationalization

The application portfolio management (APM) tool space can be a confusing one, as many software vendors offer their own take of what APM is. Enterprise architecture,...

Application Rationalization During M&A

Application rationalization fails when the chosen framework does not match your scenario or the goals for your application portfolio. This note looks at how to apply...
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