What is a diagnostic?

Our diagnostics are the simplest way to collect the data you need, turn it into actionable insights, and communicate with stakeholders across the organization.

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Ask the Right Questions

Use our low-effort surveys to get the data you need from stakeholders across the organization.

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Use Our Diagnostic Engine

Our diagnostic engine does all the heavy lifting and analysis, turning your data into usable information.

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Communicate & Take Action

Wow your executives with the incredible insights you’ve uncovered. Then, get to action: make IT better.

Project Performance Evaluation

Make your team’s project retrospectives a breeze with a repeatable way to collect and analyze feedback from project stakeholders.

Project Performance Evaluation report example 1 Project Performance Evaluation report example 2
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Deliver More Project Benefits

Ensure that project success is measured in terms of business impact, and hold PMs accountable to this metric.

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Compare Project Success

With standardized metrics for the success of every project in your portfolio, comparing your team’s performances is easy.

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Improve PM Practices

Monitor your team’s performance in each of the 8 core drivers of effective project management, so failure points can be identified and resolved.

Data Quality Effectiveness

A quick and powerful tool to enhance IT’s ability to provide the data your users need and eliminate flaws in data quality.

Data Quality Effectiveness report example 1 Data Quality Effectiveness report example 2
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At-a-Glance Data Scorecard

Justify the necessity of fixing bad data to your stakeholders with a high-level summary of user satisfaction in company data.

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Pinpoint the Root Cause of Data Issues

With feedback on each of the 10 key features of high-quality data, identifying how to fix data issues has never been more straightforward.

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Insights by Application and Department

Our powerfully segmented reports show you which departments are unhappy with which datasets and - more importantly - why.

Corporate Reporting Effectiveness

Analytics and reporting is meant to bring clarity out of chaos, but sometimes it only makes the problem worse. Use our Analytics and Reporting Scorecard to figure out if you are meeting your stakeholder’s reporting needs.

Corporate Reporting Effectiveness report example 1 Corporate Reporting Effectiveness report example 2
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Measure Reporting Satisfaction

Accurately capture business satisfaction with corporate reporting across 10 dimensions of reporting and analytics.

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Drill Down by Application and Department

Get granular with individual scorecards for each department, so you can be sure each team is getting the reporting they need.

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Drop Redundant Reports

Identify which reports are actually providing value and drop the rest, by identifying report overlap and underutilization.

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Identify Training Opportunities

Discover who is lacking the skills and abilities necessary, and take action to provide end users with the reporting skills for success.

Business Value Scorecard

If IT’s job is to create value for the business, you should have a way to measure that value. Ditch complicated cost/benefit analyses and get to the true measurement of business value – stakeholder satisfaction.

Business Value Scorecard report example 1 Business Value Scorecard report example 2
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Measure Your Team’s Perceived Value

Gauge the effectiveness and importance of 11 key value categories, with feedback directly from stakeholders across the organization.


Focus on the Right Projects

Drop the guesswork and begin working on projects that create value with direct project requests from each department.

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Communicate Your Value Clearly

Demonstrate the value your team is bringing the organization with boardroom-ready reports, backed by data.

Risk Management Planner

Document the risks facing IT, communicate and win support for your remediation plans, then manage their execution.

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Create Your Risk Register

Ensure you don’t miss any risks with our comprehensive database of risks.

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Draft Your Remediation Plans

Clearly align your proposed solutions with the risks outlined in your risk register.

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Win Executive Sign-Off

Present your executives a boardroom-ready report in the language of costs and benefits.

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Take the Target Off Your Back

If executives decline any proposals, use our report to prove you did your due diligence.