Develop a Resource Management Strategy for the New Reality

Reclaim project capacity with realistic resource management.

Onsite Workshop

Without a realistic strategy for resource management:

  • The steering committee will continue to approve more projects than resources can handle.
  • Resources will be over-allocated, and there will be no statistical evidence of why or how they have been allocated to too many tasks.
  • With too many projects approved, and not enough hours to complete them, projects will be delayed or sent to the backlog.

A realistic resource management strategy will result in:

  • An accurate, realistic picture of the time spent on different types of work.
  • The ability to forecast resource requirements to ensure that there is capacity to take on new projects in the future.
  • Opportunities to reclaim project capacity through minimizing work in progress, distractions, and interruptions.

Module 1: Assess and Audit

The Purpose

  • Complete a business case to present to your stakeholders.
  • Obtain a high-level view of current resource management practices and identify current and target states of resource management maturity.
  • Perform an in-depth time-tracking audit in order to gain insight into how time is spent on project versus non-project work in order to calculate realized capacity.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communicate the costs and benefits of completing this project.
  • Have a high-level view of resource management maturity in your organization.
  • Understand the difference between potential capacity and realized capacity.
  • Calculate your organization’s realized capacity.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish the measured value of completing a realistic resource management strategy.
  • Completed measured value assessment.
1.2 Populate Info-Tech’s Project Portfolio Management Workbook.
  • Completed PPM workbook.
1.3 Determine your level of resource management maturity.
1.4 Determine potential capacity.
1.5 Complete a SWOT analysis.
1.6 Define goals and scope of the audit.
  • Completed Time Audit Workbook.
1.7 Communicate the audit goals and implement.
  • Completed Time-Tracking Survey Email Template.
1.8 Calculate realized capacity.
1.9 Communicate the results of the audit to confirm executive buy-in.

Module 2: Develop Strategy

The Purpose

  • Construct a resource management strategy that aligns with the new reality.
  • Pilot the strategy in order to test whether you have chosen the right dimensions for maintaining resource data.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify the ideal dimensions to move forward with the resource management project.
  • Determine a realistic amount of time and effort to dedicate towards maintaining the strategy.
  • Identify and address improvements before officially instituting the new resource management strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Determine the default project vs. non-project ratio.
  • Completed Resource Management Strategy template.
2.2 Determine the dimensions of the resource management strategy.
  • Customized PMO Coordinator Job Description.
2.3 Analyze viability and effectiveness using a SWOT analysis.

Module 3: Execute and Communicate the Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Develop a roadmap to guide you through the implementation of the strategy and manage any resistance you may encounter.
  • Measure the value of implementing the resource management strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify the other factors that affect resource productivity.
  • Implement a completed resource management solution.
  • Measuring changes in resource management maturity since the implementation of the strategy.
  • Measuring the value of improving resource management maturity.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Brainstorm potential impact and implications of the new resource management strategy.
  • Completed Resource Management Roadmap.
3.2 Develop a plan to manage stakeholder and team resistance to the new strategy.
3.3 Brainstorm ways to reclaim project capacity.
3.4 Develop an action plan for maintaining the strategy.
3.5 Measure the value of implementing the resource management strategy.
  • Updated Time Audit Workbook.
  • Completed measured value template.

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