Time-Tracking: A Secret to Cost Reduction

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Time-tracking software is a commodity. Vendors offer the same features – with some offering a few glitzy innovations. Choosing a vendor isn't the problem. The real challenge lies in using trending data to inform long-term resource strategy, rather than as a stick to flog more productivity out of employees.

This research note highlights the benefits of implementing time-tracking at an organization where people are the most important resource. Discussed are:

  • The drivers behind time-tracking: economic changes and management insight.
  • The use of long-term trending data to better inform enterprise-wide resource planning.
  • Change management: combating employee dissent by demonstrating the value of time-tracking as a tool that enhances professional development.

Any kind of time-keeping can be a chore. But data from time-tracking initiatives help operations become more cost-effective. This trending information prepares business leaders to better track, understand, and manage their businesses.

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