Storyboard: Perform a Data Audit

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Perform a Data Audit Storyboard Sample
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Conducting an efficient data audit is the first step towards treating your data as an asset and gaining a competitive advantage. Organizations that perform regular data audits will have a thorough understanding of where their data is, how it is being used, the data issues that exist, and next steps to enhance overall data health. The data audit will provide valuable insight into issues around trust, availability, compliance, and security. 

Futhermore, a data audit will highlight:

  • Data flaws such as incomplete, innacurate, or inconsistent data.
  • Areas where data sets may not be in compliance with privacy and regulatory laws.
  • Gaps in data security levels or processes.
  • The location of data sources within the organization.

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Published: January 13, 2015
Last Revised: January 13, 2015

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