Understand the Value of Service Desk Optimization

You need to know the “why” before the “how.”


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Your Challenge

  • Very few organizations have service desks that are optimized. Significant weaknesses of many organizations include low end-user satisfaction, high volumes of recurring issues, and poor backlog management.
  • When making the case for service desk optimization initiatives, organizations face resistance and lack of buy-in from important stakeholders. The research presented in this solution set presents Info-Tech’s findings on the value of optimizing specific service desk processes, metrics, and channels.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Service desk processes, metrics, and channels should be optimized in a holistic manner, boosting efficiencies across the board.
  • When deciding on their target maturity goals, organizations should consider the costs required for optimization, the benefits associated with specific processes, as well as the process constraints specific to each organization.
  • When adopting service desk improvements, routine maintenance activities are often ignored, which dilutes the value created by service desk optimization. Examples include ticket template maintenance, workflow development, and ticket classification.

Impact and Result

  • If done right, service desk optimization will allow your service desk to improve the key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce cost per incident, and increase service desk capacity.
  • However, not all processes and delivery channels are equally effective at achieving different results. Know which processes, metrics, and channels to target in order to realize your service desk’s goals.

Understand the Value of Service Desk Optimization


Understand the value of service desk optimization

Decide on service desk maturity goals.


Assess service desk maturity and calculate the target value of optimization

Reinforce the service desk’s weak dimensions without undermining the strong ones.


Make the case for service desk optimization

Demonstrate the value of service desk optimization and gain buy-in from key stakeholders.