Implement and Optimize Application Integration Governance

Don’t let your applications govern you!


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Your Challenge

  • Enterprises begin integrating their applications without recognizing the need for a managed and documented governance model.
  • Application Integration (AI) is an inherently complex concept, involving the communication among multiple applications, groups, and even organizations; thus developing a governance model can be overwhelming.
  • The options for AI Governance are numerous and will vary depending on the size, type, and maturity of the organization, adding yet another layer of complexity.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Governance is essential with integrated applications. If you are planning to integrate your applications, you should already be considering a governance model.
  • Proper governance requires oversight into chains of responsibility, policy, control mechanisms, measurement, and communication.
  • People and process are key. Technology options to aid in governance of integrated apps exist, but will not greatly contribute to the success of AI.

Impact and Result

  • Assess your capabilities and determine which area of governance requires the most attention to achieve success in AI.
  • Form an Integration Center of Competency to oversee AI governance to ensure compliance and increase success.
  • Conduct ongoing training with your personnel to ensure up-to-date skills and end user understanding.
  • Frequently revisit your AI governance strategy to ensure alignment with business goals.

Implement and Optimize Application Integration Governance


Implement and optimize Application Integration Governance

Know where to start and where to focus your attention in the implementation of an AI governance strategy.


Assess the organization's capabilities in AI Governance

Assess your current and target states in AI Governance.


Create an Integration Center of Competency

Have a governing body to oversee AI Governance.


Establish AI Governance principles and guidelines

Create a basis for the organization’s AI governance model.


Create an AI service catalog

Keep record of services and interfaces to reduce waste.