Build a Strategy for Document Security and Electronic Approval

Reduce risk and accelerate document approval without overspending.


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Your Challenge

  • Documents are routinely being shared with external partners outside secure content management systems, often with inadequate safeguards in place to ensure confidential and sensitive information is protected.
  • Having a document security solution in place is critical, but there is also a risk that organizations will overbuy relative to their actual needs.
  • Traditional paper-based approval workflows are cumbersome and inefficient in a time when electronic approval solutions exist, but many organizations are unsure how to implement them.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Adopt a document protection product based on private or public key cryptography to keep documents secure and under control even when they leave your content management system. These products provide comprehensive tools for access/edit privileges, redaction, and metadata cleansing. Leverage these tools to ensure risk mitigation needs are adequately met across internal and external workflows.
  • Use a trust-based needs assessment to prevent overbuying by determining the right level of document security needs relative to your organization’s trust requirements. Cloud-based vendors and those offering “pay by the drink” services can be highly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Utilize e-signature platforms by bootstrapping from the ubiquity of touch-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones.

Impact and Result

  • Secure critical documents and protect your organization against the risks associated with inadequate document security (such as theft of intellectual property).
  • Ensure that document security investments are sized relative to your organization’s trust-based requirements.
  • Boost the effectiveness and efficiency of internal process and external contract approval workflows by properly instrumenting e-signature solutions.

Build a Strategy for Document Security and Electronic Approval


Understand and build a strategy for document security

Know where to begin and where to go with document security initiatives.


Create a policy for document security

Specify expectations for employees leveraging document security technologies.