Express – Managing Projects

Comprehensive bundles of tools and templates to help you get to action quickly on your most important projects.


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Your Challenge

Dealing with project chaos can be expensive. 

  • You have more than one project on the go and more project requests coming in all the time – all of which need to be prioritized and managed.
  • You also have to live with the consequences of your project decisions.
  • The literature on project management is overwhelming, and often leads to heavy, expensive processes.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Organize your projects quickly and easily.
  • Use Info-Tech's Project Management Toolbox to develop a method for monitoring and controlling incoming project requests, manage your projects right, and monitor the portfolio to focus your limited resources on the right projects.

Impact and Result

Use this toolbox to:

  • Develop a process to collect and prioritize projects.
  • Create an affordable project management process.
  • Track project portfolio progress and report it effectively.

  • Express – Managing Projects

    Project Management Toolbox

    Section 1: Establish a process to prioritize projects
    Section 2: Implement processes to manage projects
    Section 3: Design processes to monitor the portfolio


    Prioritize: Collect project requests

    Understand what constitutes a project and establish transparent rules for collecting proposals.

    a. Collect project proposals from the organization
    b. Assess the feasibility of the collected projects
    c. Establish a prioritization process with senior management


    Prioritize: Identify high priority projects

    Once project proposals are submitted and collected, establish a process to identify the highest priority proposals. Maintain an inventory of proposed projects, rank proposals using metrics that matter, and clearly identify which proposals the organization should tackle first. 

    a. Design a project prioritization process 
    b. Rank your projects
    c. Obtain approval from senior management


    Prioritize: Adjust project rankings

    Whether IT experiences a shift in capacity or the goals of the organization change in response to market pressures, IT managers must adjust project priorities to reflect the environment in which it operates.

    a. Refresh project priorities
    b. Re-evaluate priorities in light of new developments
    c. Review proposed adjustment with stakeholders


    Manage: Plan a project

    A successful plan can help you save time and money and mitigate the risks inherent in any new venture. Immerse yourself in the project only once you have a process for organizing, coordinating, and directing how the project team plans to reach its objective.

    a. Assess project details
    b. Create the plan


    Manage: Manage a project

    Once your organization agrees on a project plan, use this toolkit to implement the plan and successfully deliver on project outcomes.

    a. Review the project plan
    b. Execute the plan
    c. Communicate project progress


    Manage: Close a project

    Project closure is often overlooked, but it is essential to successful project management. Use these tools to understand what loose ends you need to address once you have delivered your most important project outcomes.

    a. Wrap up the project


    Monitor: Monitor the project portfolio

    Provide a comprehensive guide to monitoring the project portfolio from start to finish.

    a. Understand portfolio monitoring
    b. Enlist key stakeholders
    c. Monitor project progress

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    Published: July 8, 2015
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