Develop a Unified Communications Strategy

Put the business first when evaluating UC.


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Your Challenge

  • With the shift to IP communications, more organizations are identifying opportunities to enhance collaboration with UC.
  • However, IT leaders who are helping the organization develop its UC strategy are bombarded with mixed and conflicting messages from vendors.
  • This solution set will bring focus to the key UC opportunities and challenges that you must consider and help you find the path to success.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • IT best understands the technologies involved, but UC is fundamentally a business opportunity. Successful implementers involve key business stakeholders early in planning.
  • Listen to your users – if you don’t understand the real communications barriers and bottlenecks facing business users, you won’t be prepared to devise and deliver a better solution.

Impact and Result

  • Successfully communicate the long term opportunities and benefits of a UC strategy that tightly integrates business communications with key applications and processes.
  • Align IT and business resources towards common goals of more efficient communications, increased distributed team collaboration, and reduced business travel.

Develop a Unified Communications Strategy


Communicate the UC opportunity.

Set a common understanding of UC vision and objectives.


Identify potential challenges.

Mitigate key risks associated with an ambitious UC strategy.


Move the UC initiative forward.

Gain the executive and user buy-in required to get to the next step.