SMI-S: The Best Hope for Heterogeneous Storage Management

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The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) is a standard for managing storage across heterogeneous vendor systems. Adoption and implementation of SMI-S will eventually lead to better storage management software, but this process may take several years to bear fruit.

This research note presents the must-have information on this critical storage topic, including:

  • A technical definition of what SMI-S is and how it will benefit enterprises.
  • A review of SMI-S development, the competitive landscape in which it exists, and vendor response.
  • An assessment of SMI-S's prospects as a future storage industry standard.

SMI-S provides the means for storage management to become more ubiquitous across heterogeneous storage devices. As major storage vendors react to each other's advances, look for SMI-S standards to continue to progress.

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