Storyboard: Optimize UC to Maximize Business ROI

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Optimize UC to Maximize Business ROI Storyboard Sample
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Unified Communications (UC) is an integrated approach to enhancing end-user communications and accelerating key business processes. Enterprises must identify immediate and longer-term costs and benefits before embarking on initial or follow-on UC implementations in order to maximize return on investment.

This storyboard explores:

  • A maturity model for Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), the underlying goal for deploying UC technology.
  • Identifying a target CEBP maturity level along with costs and benefits associated with each stage of the maturity model.
  • Steps to take to maximize ROI through each stage of the CEBP maturity model.

Successful UC implementations require a strong focus on the business. A deliberate and phased approach to implementing UC can deliver immediate and long-term benefits to the business, while avoiding costly investments in non-value add technology.

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