Storyboard: Develop a Video Conferencing Strategy


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Develop a Video Conferencing Strategy Storyboard Sample
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Many organizations are looking to deploy a video conferencing solution in order to better meet business collaboration needs and address rising travel costs. This solution set will help IT leaders:

  • Understand key developments in video conferencing technology, and make the case for deploying video conferencing based on both hard travel cost savings, and increased collaboration and productivity.
  • Develop a video conferencing strategy that integrates with your whole suite of collaboration and unified communications (UC) technologies.
  • Evaluate vendors, develop a shortlist, issue an RFP, rate RFPs, and then follow a demonstration script.
  • Understand the key practices that Info-Tech’s data has revealed will produce the maximum benefit during the implementation of a video conferencing solution.

Make the case for video conferencing; select the right products to make the most of your implementation.

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