Develop an ECM Strategy and Roadmap – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why the time to act is now. The Digital Revolution is upon us; IT must transform the organization's ECM capability to connect decision makers to the information and insights necessary to survive digital disruption. Read this Executive Brief to understand:

  • Why it is essential for IT to connect the organization to information and insights.
  • How an ECM capability fits into your organization's information capabilities.
  • The six ECM capability areas that are critical to the success of your ECM strategy.
  • What you can reasonably expect to achieve with your ECM strategy based on your current ECM capability maturity.
  • Info-Tech's simple three-step approach to creating an successful and sustainable ECM strategy.
Read Info-Tech's full Develop an ECM Strategy Roadmap blueprint for a step-by-step guide to build a roadmap towards achieving a right-sized ECM capability.

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