Optimize the Organization’s Data Integration Practices

Ensure the organization’s data accurately flows to the critical downstream IT and business processes through effective data integration.

Use DevOps to Respond Faster to End Customers

Fix, deploy, and support applications quicker.

Perform a Data Audit

Don’t just execute an audit to identify what issues exist, probe deeper to unravel why they exist.

Stop Just Managing Capacity by Moving to a Capacity-as-a-Service Strategy

Capacity planning is a skill that all infrastructure professionals need to develop.

Make a Data-Driven Decision on Unified Communications

Quantify the real value and need for UC to make the business case and build a realistic roadmap.

Decode the Corporate Strategy

Access Granted: Commencing IT value delivery.

Develop and Implement a Security Risk Management Program

The first step to successfully securing your business.

Reduce Costs and Audit Hassles through Effective IT Asset Management

Gain the support and knowledge you need to launch a successful ITAM practice to start saving money and making better decisions tomorrow.

Align IT with the Real End Customer

Ensure IT and the business are working towards the same goal: improving customer experience.

Grow Agile Beyond the Team into the Enterprise

Know the common scaling hurdles and roadblocks and proactively address them.

Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Close the gap between your DR capabilities and service continuity requirements.

Reduce Costs Through Printer Consolidation

Safely confront IT’s third rail.

Create a Configuration Management Roadmap

A CMDB is only as valuable as the processes it supports.

Select and Implement the Right BPM Solution for the Organization

Design your workdays with a “suite” solution.

Vendor Landscape: Application Lifecycle Management

Manage the complexity of today’s highly distributed apps and frequent deployment cycles.

Vendor Landscape: Software Testing Solutions

Testing tools continue horizontal and vertical feature expansion to accommodate increasing application complexity.

Transfer IT Knowledge Before It’s Gone

66 million Baby Boomers are set to retire and they’re taking 50+ years of knowledge with them.

Optimize the Application Maintenance Strategy

The honeymoon is over – the majority of the software lifecycle is maintenance: ensure you have a firm strategy in place for how to tackle it.

Vendor Landscape: Data Loss Prevention

Adversaries have changed the game, it’s time you change your DLP.

Review Continuity Plans to Deal with the Threat of Ebola

Get the facts. Understand the risks. Make a plan.

Optimize the Current Agile Process for Scalability to Prepare for a Wider Rollout

Use your retrospectives and experiences from previous Agile sprints to continually improve and optimize.

Wow the CFO with an IT Budget that Demonstrates Value Delivery

Get the budget you need to enable IT to deliver to its full potential.

Terminate the IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Relationship

There must be 50 ways to leave your vendor.

Reduce IT Admin Risks & Costs with Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Control the access of your most critical users without breaking your budget.

Implement Information Lifecycle Management

Position information lifecycle management as a regulatory insurance policy and ensure the most critical business processes have adequate coverage.

Establish an Effective System of Internal IT Controls to Mitigate Risks

The only thing worse than a lack of control is the illusion of control.

Establish an Effective PMO for IT

Over 60% of IT projects don’t succeed – build an effective PMO to avoid becoming another statistic.

Create a Comprehensive BPM Strategy for Successful Process Automation

Avoid project failure by keeping the “B” in BPM.

Govern and Manage an Enterprise Software Implementation

Don’t outsource your brain: You can’t outsource project accountability to the SI.

Manage an Agile Portfolio

Improve project oversight without imposing old-school command-and-control.

Securely Implement a SaaS Program

The devil’s in the details when realizing full value from a SaaS program.

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog

Create a made-to-order menu of IT services for your users to easily understand what IT offers.

Master the Ever-Expanding Puzzle of End-User Computing With a Strategy and Roadmap

Develop a strategy and roadmap to fit all the end-user computing pieces together and prioritize trends in your organization.

Tailor an IT Governance Plan to Fit Organizational Needs

Drive business value and enable effective decision making by optimizing IT governance structure and processes.

Optimize the Current Testing Process for Enterprise Mobile Applications

One-size-fits-all testing does not work – test for a mobile-specific context.

Develop and Implement an Effective Data Management Strategy and Roadmap

Treat data as an asset and gain a competitive advantage.

Vendor Landscape: Social Media Management Platforms

Rein in social media by choosing a platform that’s right for you.

Develop a Winning BI Strategy

Take a top-down approach to business intelligence to ensure your organization’s key decision makers are armed with the right information.

Vendor Landscape: Cloud File Sharing

Deploy a robust solution that allows users to securely access their files anytime, anywhere.

Establish a Service-Based Costing Model

Not knowing your costs is an expense you can’t afford.

Fast-Track a Service Management Roadmap

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

Recover Data Center Space After IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Get rid of your extra in-house data center space and equipment before you destroy your outsourcing business case.

Automate the SDLC Using the Right Tools

Digitize your repetitive development processes to gain additional productivity and improve quality and costs.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan

Streamline the traditional approach to make BCP development manageable and repeatable.

Choose the Right Development Platform for Enterprise Mobile Applications

While developing a mobile web app affords legacy carryover, you need to consider a native/hybrid app if you require access to device-specific features.

Outsource IT Infrastructure to Improve System Availability, Reliability, and Recovery

There are very few IT infrastructure components you should be housing internally – outsource everything else.

Develop a Comprehensive Business-to-Business Integration Strategy

Strong partnerships require seamless integration; don’t let lagging integration capabilities undermine your B2B relationships.

Business Continuity Planning

Streamline the traditional approach to make BCP development manageable and repeatable.

Manage Stakeholder Relations

Make proper stakeholder management a habit.

Select and Implement a CRM Platform

Enable marketing, sales, and customer service teams by successfully choosing and implementing a suite for Customer Relationship Management.

Manage and Maintain Data Quality

Get the most out of one of your organization’s most valuable assets – Data.

Develop an iGaming Strategy

Let the games begin: build an iGaming strategy that will keep patrons hooked and attract new business.

Optimize IT Procurement

Selecting the right IT solution is a delicate balance between vendor, product, price and service.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication to Save Costs and Secure Users

There are no barriers to implementing MFA, no matter what your requirements are.

Vendor Landscape: Next Generation Firewall

Continued consolidation of capabilities means high performing products.

Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Protection

Find anti-malware and more, now wrapped up in a fully-fledged suite.

Grow Your Own PPM Solution

Two-thirds of organizations use a home-grown PPM solution. Here’s a better way to do it.

Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing is like a marriage. Treat it like a partnership, not a competition.

Exploit Disruptive Technology to Drive IT Efficiency and Business Opportunity

New technology can hit like a meteor, putting your role as CIO at risk. Develop a simple exploitation process that prepares for impact.

Vendor Landscape: Mid-Market ERP

New players are taking ERP from just transactions, to business actions.

Vendor Landscape: Enterprise ERP

It is no longer just about SAP or Oracle; large enterprises now have a variety of options.

Switch Mobile Platforms

Migrating from BlackBerry is no longer optional, but doing it without a plan will result in an overloaded help desk and angry users.

Establish a Right-Sized Incident Management Process

Resolve service issues faster and more successfully.

Optimize the Application Maintenance Estimation (AME) Process

Augment your traditional expert estimation with parametric estimation to reduce surprises.

Optimize Requirements Gathering to Effectively Serve the Business

Poor requirements are the number one reason that projects fail – take a strategic approach to optimizing requirements gathering in order to give the business what it needs.

Vendor Landscape: Security Information & Event Management

Optimize IT security management and simplify compliance with SIEM tools.

Incident and Problem Management

Resolve service issues faster and eliminate recurring incidents.

Establish a Right-Sized Release and Deployment Management Process

Improve the speed and success rate of your deployments.

Build a Case for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a credible alternative and competitive threat to VMware for server virtualization and hybrid cloud computing. Be prepared to make the case to properly evaluate this option.

Change and Release Management

Respond to Business needs faster and improve the success rate of your deployments.

Develop a Business Intelligence Tool Strategy

Improve business decision making and minimize cost by selecting only the most important BI capabilities.

Vendor Landscape: Process-Generated Content Management

Every process generates content; manage the content to maximize the value of those processes.

Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Content Management for Knowledge Workers

Take advantage of embedded BPM tools to enable knowledge transfer and information use.

Select and Implement an Email Security Gateway

The emails you want are only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you get.

Choose the Right Tools for Big Data Development

Leverage Hadoop as your pilot project to gain organizational buy-in and build institutional learning.

Requirements Gathering

Optimize requirements gathering to effectively serve the business.

Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service

IT can help pave the way for a Customer Service transformation.

Implement Agile Practices That Work

Deliver on time and improve communication with the business to minimize project failure.

Optimize Systems Management to Improve IT Resilience and Proactivity

Streamline processes, use tools with purpose, and continually look for opportunities to improve.

Implement Systems Management to Improve Availability and Visibility

Without sound systems management practices, you don’t control outages, they control you.

Vendor Landscape: Thin Client

Navigate the thin client landscape with confidence.

Increase the Performance of Critical Mobile Applications

Look beyond today’s ad-hoc mobile development practices to stay ahead of your competitors.

Establish a Rigorous Problem Management Process

Use the ITIL framework to implement both reactive and proactive problem management practices.

Vendor Landscape: Email Security Gateway

The emails that you want are only the tip of the iceberg that you get.

Develop a Network Security Roadmap to Lower Incident Costs and Increase Efficiency

Save over $100,000 in consulting fees with a streamlined and accelerated process.

Vendor Landscape: Human Resources Information Systems

Leverage modern HRIS analytics and talent management capabilities to change HR into a proactive, business-driven function.

Information Security

Tailor best practices to effectively manage information security.

Build an Optimal Digital Asset Security Services Plan

Build the security your digital assets need, not the security you think you need.

Support Enterprise Marketing with World-Class IT

The marketing landscape needs to be supported by a smart technology strategy. Evaluate which marketing services are right for your organization and review IT support requirements.

IT Organizational Design

Align the IT Organization Structure to the Business Strategy

Vendor Landscape: Desktop Virtualization

Vendor offerings are becoming more and more robust as the market matures; take the time to make the right choice for your organization.

Mobilize the Workforce by Mobilizing ERP

Mobility isn’t about shiny new toys, it’s about empowering your workforce.

Assess and Optimize BI Operations

Focus on delivering timely, quality, and affordable information to enable fast and effective business decisions.

IT Governance

Create business value and meet organizational objectives through IT Governance.

Create a Strategy and Roadmap for Office 365

You are going to move to Office 365; your need for SharePoint functionality determines when.

Implement Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile device management only scratches the surface. Dive into enterprise mobility management to go beyond devices and manage every aspect of mobility.

Vendor Landscape: Small to Mid-Range Storage Arrays

Find a storage solution that will support your organization’s needs, now and in the future.

Vendor Landscape: Mid-Market Project Portfolio Management

Collaboration meets project portfolio management.

Implement an Email and Content Archive Solution

Match the value of the storage to the value of your content.

Vendor Landscape: Mid-Range to Entry Enterprise Storage Arrays

Find a storage solution that will support your organization’s needs, now and in the future.

Assess and Optimize EA Capability

Right-size the EA operating model to reap the benefits of EA: improve business-IT alignment, lower costs, and decrease time to production.

Optimize Business Processes to Limit ERP Customization

Identify the best targets for process optimization and focus on configuration. Just say “no” to everything else.

Right-Size the Information Governance Program

Stop viewing information governance as a separate project and incorporate it into the requirements gathering for business initiatives.


Address critical IT and business challenges with targeted innovation techniques.

Build an Identity Security Services Plan

Secure your weakest links: your users.

Develop a Master Data Management Strategy and Roadmap

Manage the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Vendor Landscape: Server Virtualization

Server virtualization continues to drive value in infrastructure consolidation and management while laying the foundation of private and public cloud computing.

Drive a Robust Systems Strategy for HR to Achieve HR Objectives and Enable the Business

Save time, optimize your resources, and engage the business by building a right-fit HR systems strategy.

Improve IT-Business Alignment with an Infrastructure Roadmap

Balance stability and agility to support evolving business demands.

Vendor Landscape: Cloud Management

Add a management layer involving abstraction and automation to your infrastructure to create a private, virtual private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.

Social Media

Make your social media strategy soar.

Secure Critical Systems and Intellectual Property Against APT

Protect yourself from being boarded and raided by cyber privateers.

Implement an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Get your services on the bus to reduce integration congestion in the enterprise.

Optimize an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

Make sure IT is an enabler – not an impediment – to effective employee collaboration.

Project Management

Invest in a formal Project Management process to increase project success.

Vendor Landscape: Collaboration Platforms

Features are reaching parity, but integration remains critical.

Create a Customized Big Data Architecture and Implementation Plan

Big data architecture is not your father’s data architecture.

Tackle Explosive Data Growth on a Tight Storage Budget

Get a grip on storage capacity requirements and take action to ensure that every dollar spent buys maximum value.

Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

Optimize your backup initiative and mitigate the challenges of the cloud.

IT Strategy

Deliver IT solutions that are aligned with business goals.

Create a Strategic IT Roadmap for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service that Exploits Emerging Technologies

Social, mobile, and analytics are creating new opportunities for revenue generation.

Create a Practical BYOE Action Plan

Now, it's personal. Prepare for the world of Bring Your Own Everything.

Build an Application Integration Strategy

Level the table before assembling the application integration puzzle or risk losing pieces.

Review Microsoft Licensing to Save 25%

Know what you have, and get what you need – with minimal spend.

Get Ready for the Evolution of Vendor Management

VM needs to advance to cope with the evolving and changing business/IT environment.

Service Management

Deliver a service from concept to catalog and beyond.

Application Development

See the Difference Optimization Makes!

Service Desk

Provide timely and effective responses to user requests and resolution of all incidents

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind

Change your focus from satisfying auditors to driving process optimization, consistent IT operations, and effective knowledge transfer.

CIO: Build a Personal Development Plan to Become Chief Enterprise Integration Officer

Your role is at a crossroads. Reinvent yourself now or risk becoming head of technology support.

Enhance Business Value through Customer-Centric IT Service Management

ITSM 2.0: Both unnoticeable and remarkable at the same time.

Develop a Five Year Data Architecture Plan

Secure your footings in data to lay a foundation that will withstand the winds and rain of today's IT disruptors.

Develop & Deploy a Security Policy

The enterprise can't be secure if it doesn't know how; documents need to get everyone on the same page.


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