Secure your Public IaaS: Do you have an IaaS securitization strategy?

This webinar occured on June 19, 2014

About This Webinar

Organizations looking to take advantage of any of the public IaaS benefits must secure their new environment. Control, visibility, data security, management, and compliance must be achieved to ensure data protection and secure operations from creation to decommission.

During this webinar we discussed:

  • What are the main risks associated with a new IaaS environment?
  • What security controls can consumers expect their vendors to provide?
  • How can a consumer evaluate a vendor's controls?
  • What technologies can be deployed across cloud and internal environments?
  • How can security collaborate with the IaaS project team?

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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Gabriel Lourenco
Senior consultant
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Alan Tang
Director of Research, Security & Risk
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