Build the Ultimate IT Operating Model

This webinar occured on February 5, 2014

About This Webinar

Build the Ultimate IT Operating Model

It’s time to open the black box of IT.

IT departments without a defined, effective operating model are often unable to explain how IT enables the business. A good operating model can be used to demonstrate IT’s value, and help the CIO identify gaps between what IT does and what the organization needs. Developing a good operating model will highlight the capabilities that IT must invest in to better serve the business.

We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:

  • What an IT operating model is and how it provides value to the organization.
  • How the business might use an IT operating model.
  • How flexible an operating model needs to be.
  • Benefits of a defined operating model.
  • Initiatives that can be undertaken to build a strong operating model.

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