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Review Microsoft Licensing to Save 25%

Optimize your Microsoft licensing by taking a cyclical approach to licensing review and documenting the results.
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Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

As Portfolio Manager you’re responsible for communicating portfolio results and future resource capacity to your steering committee. In order to develop a new or improve...
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Implement a Shared Services Model

As your IT group develops and evolves, you can experience excess capacity, superior capabilities, and peers that require similar IT services. Your organization looks to...
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Optimize Project Intake, Approval, and Prioritization

While many IT managers lack the capacity to realistically say “yes” to more project work, many also lack the authority to decline or defer new requests. It’s a catch 22...
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Select and Implement a Enterprise Archiving Solution

Meet user needs for “old data” through archiving. Separate the need for emergency copies from high value assets.

Plan and Implement a Complete Storage Management Strategy

Control storage growth through policy. Focus on the business goals as a means to justify storage reduction.

Implement Desktop Virtualization and Transition to Everything as a Service

This project outlines how to successfully implement desktop virtualization, migrating some or all of your workforce from fat clients to remote access desktops, to give...
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Develop Mobile Apps for Realistic Performance

Build mobile applications that end users will actually use. Improve the UX of your mobile apps by improving application computation at the device, application, and data...

Don’t Expose Your Mobile Apps in a Vulnerable World

Mobile environments are incubators for evolving threats – review your mobile security model to prevent new infections.

Develop a Predictive Modelling Plan

To many CIOs, predictive analytics is an optional project. Yet, they found a successful PA project boosts their credibility significantly.

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