Solution Sets

Optimize the Current Agile Process for Scalability to Prepare for a Wider Rollout

The goal of your initial Agile pilot was to learn how the process functions in your situation and to find and address impediments. As more sprints were completed, your...

Wow the CFO with an IT Budget that Demonstrates Value Delivery

Budgetary approval can make or break your year. A good budget proposal can get you the funding you need to meet business needs. A bad budget proposal can result in...

Review Continuity Plans to Deal with the Threat of Ebola

The Ebola Briefing and the Executive Presentation provide useful information on how to get the facts about Ebola, understand the risks to employees and your supply chain,...

Manage IT Projects Successfully to Deliver Value

Investing in a formal Project Management (PM) process is critical to project success. With sound PM, projects will be less costly and more likely to deliver value to the...

Drive Business Value Through Mobile Development

Mobile applications are here (for example, location based services). Leverage your current mobile development environment to create such applications.

Develop a BC/DR Test Plan

Respond to and manage a wide range of potential incidents from health and safety risks, to IT failures, to reputational damage.

Actively Manage Your Cloud Portfolio

This project will walk organizations through the process of building a Cloud Portfolio Catalog to serve as an information guide for business users on which services are...

Develop an IT Strategy to Support Marketing

This blueprint will be applicable to organizations interested in developing a holistic IT strategy to support marketing to gain or retain a competitive advantage in their...

Build a Security Awareness and Training Program

This project will develop an enterprise wide information security training program to be used on an ongoing basis as well as provide usable education and training content...

Reposition IT as a Business Service Provider

Reposition IT as a business service provider to ensure that business expectations are understood and met.

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