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Develop Mobile Apps for Realistic Performance

Improve the UX of your mobile apps by improving application computation at the device, application, and data levels.

Don’t Expose Your Mobile Apps in a Vulnerable World

Mobile environments are incubators for evolving threats – review your mobile security model to prevent new infections.

Develop a Predictive Modelling Plan

To many CIOs, predictive analytics is an optional project. Yet, they found a successful PA project boosts their credibility significantly.

Select and Implement a GRC Solution

Determine the right vendor to build an efficient, holistic GRC program to meet all your organizational needs.

Create Project Management Success

Investing time upfront to plan the project and implementing best practices during project execution to ensure project is delivered with the planned outcome and quality is...
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Reduce Costly Downtime Through DR Testing

DR solutions cannot be trusted to function in a real disaster until it has been tested. Using a proper validation strategy through cyclical DR testing is the only way to...
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Standardize the Service Desk

The Service Desk is the foundation of all future IT service improvements. Use the knowledge of your team and our experienced analysts to help standardize your Service...

Survive an Impending Audit

A failed audit can result in punitive fines and injunctions that disrupt continuing operations until violations are resolved. These highly visible failures are best...
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Build or Refresh the Wireless LAN

Your end users are embracing wireless and you can’t afford to live in the past. They’re demanding faster and more reliable wireless networks as they push the limits of...
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Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit

Compliance improvement and optimization is generally initiated in response to new or changed compliance requirements, a mandate from the business, or an impending audit....
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