Solution Sets

Position IT as an Innovator

By implementing an internal innovation process and program, you will be able to increase Business satisfaction with IT service, and build credibility as a trusted partner...

Optimize the Current Testing Process for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Highly distributed mobile applications with various back-end APIs increase the complexity and need for proper testing. Test and development teams need to understand the...

Plan and Deploy Office 365

The project includes determining the requirements and uses for the key O365 apps; OneDrive, Office, and SharePoint. Based on the uses of these applications the project...

Develop and Implement an Effective Data Management Strategy

As businesses continue to rely more heavily on data as a corporate asset they will need to place more strategic emphasis and planning around Data Management. Use this...

Vendor Landscape: Social Media Management Platforms

Selecting the right social media management vendor can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of powerful enterprise-ready solutions that can be used to enable your...

Implement Data Governance

CIOs need to implement a strategic data governance program to effectively manage the people, processes, and technology involved in data management within IT and across...

Reclaim Project Capacity with Realistic Resource Management

Implement a realistic resource management process to reclaim project capacity.

Develop a Winning BI Strategy

A significant number of organizations ranked business intelligence (BI) as IT’s top priority for 2014; however, just because there is an appetite for BI does not mean the...

Maximize Your Return on Human Capital

CIOs must navigate a number of human resource issues unique to an IT department. This new Guided Implementation Blueprint will direct will help CIOs to discover the key...

Vendor Landscape: Cloud File Sharing

File collaboration is evolving. When traditional enterprise content management solutions fail you, consider cloud file sharing as an alternative.

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