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Build an IT Strategy for Small Enterprise

The project blueprint will help small enterprise IT leaders understand their corporate strategy and develop an IT strategy that meets organizational goals.
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Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology to Drive IT Efficiency and Business Opportunity

Develop a process that will identify, prioritize, and exploit the most valuable disruptive technologies to the business.

Plan and Implement Office 365

Organizations are faced with the decision to move Microsoft Exchange, Office, and SharePoint deployments to the cloud through the implementation of Office 365. Create a...
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Establish a Service Metrics Program That Meets Business Needs

In order to produce insightful service metrics reports that lead to corrective actions, CIOs must identify key metrics based on business goals/metrics and present them in...
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Select and Implement an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Today's threat landscape is more unpredictable than ever. IDPS is an essential layer if you want to comprehensively protect your networks.
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Develop and Implement a Security Incident Management Program

Effective and efficient incident management involves a formal process of preparation, detection, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery, and post-incident...
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Transcend the IT Cost Center Through Chargeback Implementation

Don’t create the illusion of free IT; reveal your tricks to create accountability.

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA

​The business is rarely satisfied with current service levels. However this dissatisfaction is often based on perception. Without an internal SLA that effectively tracks...
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Five Secrets to Optimize Your People, Technology, and Budget

Maximize the value of your people and technology resources through effective planning and optimization.
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Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation

IT can employ innovation to optimize and transform the way the organization operates and serves its customers – if it earns the right to contribute first. Start leading...
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