Solution Sets

Develop and Implement an Effective Data Management Strategy

As businesses continue to rely more heavily on data as a corporate asset they will need to place more strategic emphasis and planning around Data Management. Use this...

Vendor Landscape: Social Media Management Platforms

Selecting the right social media management vendor can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of powerful enterprise-ready solutions that can be used to enable your...

Implement Data Governance

CIOs need to implement a strategic data governance program to effectively manage the people, processes, and technology involved in data management within IT and across...

Reclaim Project Capacity with Realistic Resource Management

Implement a realistic resource management process to reclaim project capacity.

Develop a Winning BI Strategy

A significant number of organizations ranked business intelligence (BI) as IT’s top priority for 2014; however, just because there is an appetite for BI does not mean the...

Maximize Your Return on Human Capital

CIOs must navigate a number of human resource issues unique to an IT department. This new Guided Implementation Blueprint will direct will help CIOs to discover the key...

Vendor Landscape: Cloud File Sharing

File collaboration is evolving. When traditional enterprise content management solutions fail you, consider cloud file sharing as an alternative.

Establish a Service-Based Costing Model

Service-based costing brings clarity to IT expenditures and visibility to IT consumption. However, overcoming the challenges of service-based costing requires a logical...

Fast-Track a Service Management Roadmap

Implementing Service Management can be a tricky business, and if planning is not given its due diligence, can lead to a number of organizational pains. Info-Tech will...

Recover Data Center Space After IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

The growth of IT infrastructure outsourcing and server virtualization have reduced in-house data center physical space and equipment requirements, leaving organizations...

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