Solution Sets

Make a Data-Driven Decision on Unified Communications

Survey stakeholders and users to validate IT’s assumptions about what UC functions users really want and need. Build a business case on hard data in order to establish...

Optimize the Change Management Process

Establish a formal Change Management process that allows you balance the needs of the stakeholders requesting the change with the risk it poses to the infrastructure....

Take a Portfolio Approach to Policy Management

Find the right balance between operational efficiency and risk mitigation by managing your policies like a portfolio.

Select and Implement a Purpose-built BI Solution

Many BI solutions fail because they focus on functionalities instead of the business needs and user preferences. This blueprint will analyze your business needs and map...

Build an SLA

The focus of this blueprint is on Internal SLAs between IT and the business; however, much of the guidance and tools could be adapted to help develop...

Transform IT Through Strategic Organizational Design

Use Info-Tech’s five-step process to help you redesign your IT organizational structure. Info-Tech’s client-tested methodology and processes support the enablement of...

Prepare for the Internet of Things

Develop a practical plan for exploiting the ever-growing collection of connected devices and sensors. Exploit the IoE within IT, then position IT to help the business...

Adopt 10 Universal Enterprise Architecture Principles

EA principles are shared, long-lasting beliefs that guide the use of IT in constructing, transforming, and operating the enterprise by informing and restricting...

Decode the Corporate Strategy

CIOs must help the business achieve goals and objectives. IT planning must be based on corporate strategy; achieving a clear and agreed upon vision of corporate strategy...

Implement a Shared Services Model

Successfully transition into a shared services provider role, understanding the possible risks and related implementation obstacles associated with a shared services model.

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