Solution Sets

Vendor Landscape: Revenue Management Systems

Whether maximizing RevPAR, ADR, BAR, profit, or moving away from Excel & gut instinct, a revenue management system can help you achieve that goal.
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Vendor Landscape: Court & Docket Management System

Automation of court operations is driven by the need to improve communication and ICWA compliance, and as tribes obtain funding from the Office of Tribal Justice Support...

Bridge IT and the Business With Business Architecture

In the face of major organizational change, realignment of IT and the business, or enablement of IT-led business innovation, IT must develop the capability to practice...
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Select and Implement a Backup Solution

Backup software and architecture is a mature but evolving market, with a landscape full of vendors with cutting edge solutions and diverse offerings. Identify your...
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Select and Implement an ESB Solution

Integration environments and the connections between different applications become more brittle and complicated as environments change and grow. Integration middleware,...
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Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Service Desk Software

The enterprise service desk tool landscape provides powerful functionality and advanced features suitable for large, complex IT environments.
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Build or Refresh the WLAN for Small Governments

Wi-Fi has become a utility and you can’t afford to live in the past. Your employees and residents are not only demanding free Wi-Fi, but also faster and more reliable...
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Build a Security Awareness and Training Program

Increase the knowledge of your end users by creating a comprehensive and engaging Security Awareness and Training program for your organization.
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Develop a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

The purpose of this project is to help medium and large organizations develop a strategy and roadmap to consolidate service desks.

Create a Cloud Storage Strategy

Data has traditionally been stored in the cloud for backup and archiving purposes, and this remains a very valid use case. However, as cloud vendors mature their service...
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