Solution Sets

Develop an iGaming Strategy

Develop an iGaming strategy to engage players after they have left your brick & mortar casino and take advantage of changing US state regulations to unlock a new stream...

Vendor Landscape: Enrollment and Membership Management Systems

Tribal Enrollment and Membership Management solutions offer tribal governments an effective tool to assist in this process, as well as providing new opportunities to...

Vendor Landscape: Financial Management Solutions

While there may not be many tribally-focused solutions on the market, the keys to finding a financial management system that will suit a tribe's unique structure and...

Optimize IT Procurement

Configure your IT procurement process for each major purchase to maximize procurement value and minimize time to acquisition.

Lead Staff through Change

Managers are often too busy focusing on process elements of change; as a result, they neglect major opportunities to leverage and mitigate staff behaviors that affect the...

Select Strategically-Aligned Leadership Competencies

Setting leadership performance standards is a crucial first step to developing strong leaders. Boost your leadership bench strength by identifying leadership competencies...

Use Multi-Factor Authentication to Save Costs and Secure Users

Passwords as the sole authenticator introduce risk to an organization. They’re not enough on their own as they are subject to credential theft and create additional...

Vendor Landscape: Next Generation Firewall

Network security is still a high priority for organizations; the right perimeter means more threats stay outside and sensitive data remains inside.

Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection has feature too many standalone options for too long. Vendors are starting to recognize the value of consolidating capabilities.

Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing can extend your systems management capabilities and save money in the process, but many organizations report dissatisfaction with their outsourcing...

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