Solution Sets

Develop an Enterprise Windows 10 Migration and Deployment Strategy

Develop a migration strategy and action plan for Windows 10 that focuses on maintaining business continuity and support in your organization.

Maximize the Value of Vendor Relationships

From vendor contracting to contract renewal or termination, our program will ensure that you are focusing on the right vendor management lifecycle components to...

Prepare for a DRP Audit

Avoid audit chaos by focusing your efforts on creating a concise and usable DRP that meets the needs of your IT team as well as the auditor.
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Select, Implement, or Change a Resource & Patient Management System

The Resource Patient Management System is an integrated solution for the management of clinical, business practice, and administrative information in healthcare...
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Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise

IT sets the standard for quality service management, and other business functions are examining ITSM practices. CIOs and service managers need to guide non-IT business...
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Move from Firefighter to Reliable Operator

IT departments in a firefighting state can’t gain control of their operations, deliver acceptable levels of service to the business, or sustain stability for...
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Select and Implement a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Solution

GRC solutions can seem overwhelming, and for good reason, as they enable the management of a broad range of operations from risk management to financial controls...
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Make IT a Successful Partner in M&A Integration

Many organizations forget the essential role IT plays during M&A integration. The involvement of IT is critical to providing a better view of risks, improving ease of...
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Build a Security Governance and Management Plan

Technology is not enough alone – security governance and management is needed. Governance and management ensures that your processes, people, and policies support...
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Build an Information Security Strategy

Use Info-Tech’s robust information security framework with supporting methodologies to generate your organization's comprehensive, highly actionable, and measurable...
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