Solution Sets

Make IT a Partner in Enterprise Innovation

Many organizations are interested in leveraging disruptive technology and other innovative approaches to gain a competitive edge. If IT is trusted as an innovation...

Prepare for a Wireless World With Distributed Antenna Systems in Higher Education

Meet the demands of end users by using distributed antenna systems to increase mobile wireless coverage and capacity.

Align IT with the Real End Customer

Organizations are becoming increasingly focused on the customer and much of this focus places technology at the center. Take a process-based approach for aligning IT with...

Grow Agile Beyond the Team into the Enterprise

Agile benefits are clearly visible in small collocated project teams. Organizations want to realize more of these benefits on a larger scale by managing and supporting...

Reduce Costs Through Printer Consolidation

Most organizations are unaware that they can save as much as 65% of total printing costs through printer consolidation efforts. However, getting buy-in to consolidate and...

Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Creating an effective right-sized DRP starts with discovering current capabilities, defining business requirements, and closing the gap in service continuity capability.

Create a Configuration Management Roadmap

You do not need a CMDB to record and monitor every asset in your environment in order to reap the benefits of Configuration Management. Both the design and...

Select and Implement the Right BPM Solution for the Organization

Business process management (BPM) technology is a mature and dynamic market, with a landscape full of vendors with cutting edge solutions and diverse offerings. Identify...

Vendor Landscape: Application Lifecycle Management

With shortening lifecycles release management is critical. Behind proper release management is synchronization of concurrent development, virtual test lab management, and...

Take a Targeted Approach to Mitigating IT’s Greatest Risks

A formal strategy that prioritizes the mitigation of IT’s greatest risks will protect the business without sacrificing an excessive amount of operational efficiency.

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