Solution Sets

Choose the Right Development Platform for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Implementing mobile development on any platform requires analysis of the current technical stack to assess reusability with mobile technologies. Development teams must...

Adopt Organizational Change Management Best Practices to Maximize Project Benefits

IT projects are justified because they will make you money, save you money, or make people happier, etc. Without managing organizational change, IT might get the project...

Outsource IT Infrastructure to Improve System Availability, Reliability, and Recovery

IT infrastructure outsourcing has become commonplace. Success requires careful planning and diligent execution.

Develop a Comprehensive Business-to-Business Integration Strategy

As the business recognizes the importance of B2B integration, they place increasing pressure on IT to accommodate the onboarding of additional trading partners and data...

Business Continuity Planning

Focus on implementing a structured and repeatable process that can be applied to one business unit at a time to avoid BCP from becoming an overwhelming project.

Align IT with the Real End Customer

Being customer-centric is not just a new buzzword. By taking a holistic, step-by-step approach to customer-centricity in IT, the CIO can add significant business value.

Optimize Application Rationalization

The objective of this project is to help the member optimize their application portfolio to reduce costs.

Optimize Leadership Skills

Successful CIOs and IT managers need excellent leadership skills to become truly effective in their roles. Yet these are skills that many struggle to acquire and develop....

Create an Open Source Software Strategy & Policy

Creating an organized comprehensive open source software strategy and policy can potentially lead to more use of open source software and delivery of several benefits.

Create a 100 Day Action Plan to Drive IT Excellence

Figure out what you need to do and how you need to do it to improve the level of perceived value you are delivering to the organization.

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