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Conquer Data Quality Challenges in 4 Steps

Use Info-Tech’s 4 step process to increase data trust and relevance, improve data usability and usefulness, and contain data risks emanating from security, privacy, and...
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Ensure that Critical Data Is Covered by the DRP

​“Big Data” has evolved from a concept to active data collection, analysis, and integration into critical business operations. Is your data protection and DR strategy...

Be Nimble, Improve Collaboration – In Short, Get Agile

Agile has become a leading alternative to traditional application development methods as companies are becoming more software driven. However, the implementation of Agile...

Recognize the Value and Work of Your IT Team

Use this blueprint to learn what really motivates employees and how to properly drive them to produce a more productive and proactive IT team all while reducing turnover.
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Define an IT Strategy and Roadmap

Articulating a clear IT strategy that aligns with business objectives is the most important activity a CIO can do for the IT department and organization. Use Info-Tech’s...
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Create a Customer-Centric Digital Strategy

CIOs who rate highly in Digital Leadership and Digital Management capabilities lead their technology peers in revenue growth, with 58% experiencing 10%+ growth. However,...

Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology

New technology can hit like a meteor, putting your role in IT at risk. Develop a simple exploitation process that prepares for impact.
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Design & Build a Technical Facing Service Catalog

Do not build your service catalog alone. Kick start your technical service catalog project with our easy-to-tailor service catalog model.

Create a Business-Oriented Information Strategy

Ensure your data empowers – not constrains – your business in achieving its strategic objectives.

Teach Your Old Service Desk New Tricks

On average, end users who were satisfied with service desk effectiveness rated all other IT processes 42.1% higher than dissatisfied end users. On average, end users who...
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