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The Download – May 30, 2017

Grubhub Partners with Oracle Hospitality | Security Budget Rationale | New Wearable Technology | Running Across America

Technology in Schools: No Student Left Behind

To keep costs down while providing the required level of education through the use of technology, many schools have introduced the idea of permitting students to bring...

The Download – May 25, 2017

Sales Technology | Increasing AI Talent | Singapore University Breaches | Goat Yoga

The Irresistible Forces Behind Flow Computing

In this interview, Larry Smarr sets out the reasons and drives behind the need for, and ultimate architecture of, flow computing, which he and I believe is the inevitable...

Retail Has Big Phish to Fry

The rise of e-commerce coupled with society’s newfound dependency on technology has placed a lucrative target on the backs of retailers. Complacency is not an option when...

It Is Time for Transportation to “Move” on the IoT

Transportation CIOs must learn from the other players in their industry who are making moves in IoT. This note provides a case study and recommendations for how to get...

What a Doctor’s Access Levels Have to Do With Everyone’s Health (Data)

Securing on-premises and remote access for doctors and other healthcare professionals is imperative to keep hospitals out of the paper and all of our health data protected.

Industry Reference Architecture for Upstream Oil & Gas

Leading organizations require a unified and validated view of business capabilities that aligns initiatives, investments, and strategy in order to compete in their industry.

Optimized Healthcare Through Innovative Business Analytics

Healthcare costs continue to grow year over year, which causes many to question the way in which the money is spent and the resultant health of our citizens. How do we...

Building Key Enablers in Real-Time Data Integration for Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is on its way, and with it comes seamless, rapid integration of data required for enhanced efficiency and agility of the competitive...
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