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The Download – April 27, 2017

Technology and Jobs | IT Governance | HipChat Security Breach | Unusual Bookstores

Enablers and Vectors: Accelerating Innovation Deployment, Part II – Unicorns and Profitless Disruptions

In this week's discussion, I will take a look at the part of Valley startup culture that gets almost all of the outside attention, and a gigantic fraction of investor...

The Download – April 25, 2017

Shadow Brokers | Unstructured Data | Tech Support | Laughter Yoga Conference

Restore Trust in Your Data With a Business-Aligned Data Quality Management Approach

Read this blueprint to understand Info-Tech's data quality methodology and why quality data is essential for organizations, why data quality degrades, and to determine...
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ILM Program Stakeholder Presentation Template

Use this template to provide a comprehensive stakeholder presentation of your ILM program plans.

Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program – Phase 3: Implement and Operationalize Information Lifecycle Management

This phase of the blueprint, Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program, will help you bring your ILM program to life with best practices for governance...

Information Classification Scheme Policy

Use this template to document the key elements pertaining to the information classification scheme that sits at the core of your information lifecycle management program.

ILM Policy Template Library

Use these templates as part of formalizing the standards of care that are applied to information assets throughout the information lifecycle.

ILM Policy Need Identification Tool

Use this tool to track your ILM policy planning and development as part of the information lifecycle management project.

Information Classification Scheme Creation Tool

Use this tool to create, develop, and refine an information classification scheme that reflects the complexity and security requirements of your information assets.
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